YRP Delivers High Quality Incense Products

YRP Square is located in Thiruvallur district of Tamilnadu, India. It was established in the year 2010 as a trading company. It became one of the first companies to import incense raw material as well as raw incense to serve the growing agarbatti industry in India.

Started at the right time with right people in the industry with a vision of sourcing the best quality raw material from the international market at a reasonable cost and make it available to the Indian agarbatti industry.

At present and as always, the quality and consistency are the two big concerns to the customer who are willing to procure raw material or agarbatti products from outside India and that’s where the role of YRP comes in to picture. YRP strictly ensures that the quality and consistency are not compromised as well gets the customer the best price.

Since the company has operations in the countries that produce raw material as well as finished products, it becomes easier for us in addressing the quality and consistency based issues at the origin itself.

At YRP, we also supply to customers whose requirements are minimal and who are not willing to place bulk orders and yet want to enjoy the best quality product at reasonable cost.

In down the years, YRP would concentrate to increase its presence across India to serve better for all the customers, also in parallel it will create the rural employment and empowerment of the people ,especially those who are in "BPL" by doing vertical backward integration for its current products and also by using its international knowledge, it will play important role in modernizing and sharing technical knowledge in the area of procurement and processing of local bamboo and joss powder

YRP takes pride in building strongest relationships with its customers and making sure that it gives its best to the complete satisfaction of the customers.

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