Raw-Incense-Agarbatti-1 RAW INCENSE


Offering a wide range of incense sticks, raw incense sticks imported from Vietnam and incense sticks produced locally in India. The incense is examined at the source as it is critical for ensuring quality of the incense sticks for the perfumer / brand.

Incense with long shelf life, zero burning defects & minimal odour are achieved with the use of quality raw materials.

View specification Incense Sticks Offered: Hand MadeMachine MadeIngredients: CharcoalJoss PowderRound Bamboo / Square Bamboo SticksSaw DustAbsorption: As per the requirementIncense Colour: White / Black (as per the requirement)Counts Per Kilogram: As per the requirement.Package: 17 kg. Max. / Carton; 27 Mt/ 40’FCL; 12 Mt/20’ FCLPrice: Available on request

  • Payment terms and price details will be available upon request.
  • We supply raw incense sticks in other sizes also as per your needs.
  • Absorption and count can be increased or decreased as per your requirements*
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